Porcelain Paving Essentials

Porcelain Paving Essentials

Our Porcelain Paving Essentials include primers, grouts, tile adhesives, jointing compounds and more.

Everything you will need to finish paving installation, aside from porcelain tiles and tools.

Paving Primer

Paving Primer helps to eliminate high profile technical failures that may occur with increased traffic load-bearing. By simply adding a paving primer between the paving and bedding mortar, you can rest assured that your patio will remain exceptionally strong for years to come.

Paving Grout

Our selection of paving and patio grouts is sourced from industry-leading manufacturers.

Grouts we sell at shop64 online store have been tested hundreds of times by the industry experts to give you the assurance that the products from us will work magic on your project.

Porcelain Tile Adhesive

Porcelain Tile Adhesive is providing excellent grab, moisture resistance and curing rates.

Our range of ready-mixed and powdered porcelain tile adhesives covers a broad selection of porcelain tile installation applications. We have specially formulated products that perform well in either flooring or wall tile installations.

Porcelain Paving Jointing Compound

The result of using Porcelain Jointing Compound, to joint your paving, will be a paving gap that is completely filled without the need for kneeling and compressing the material by hand that will last for years. A strong joint that will resist the elements and stand the test of time – better than traditional jointing methods.