Raimondi RLS Vite Tile Levelling System

Raimondi RLS VITE Levelling System

Raimondi RLS VITE Tile Levelling System is designed for porcelain paving and natural stone paving installation.

What is a tile levelling system?

Tile levelling systems are made of essential and extremely useful tools that are designed for levelling and preventing the creation of lippage during a variety of tile installations. These systems are not a substitute for a skill by any means.

By using a tile levelling system you ensure that the tiles remain the same level once laid. You essentially interlock the tiles to achieve the finest and smoothes flat surfaces while the adhesive (like cement) dries.

There are no other products like tile levelling systems on the market that would be similar in use and effectiveness. By choosing an easy to use and high-quality levelling system you avoid the tile lipping that is common during slab installation. These levelling systems are also used to fix bowed and slightly irregular tiles that may be curved.

Lippage of tiles is the building industry term for floor and wall tiles that create an uneven surface due to irregular levels of corners and edges of the tiles. These distortions are very common and accrue during the production of the tiles.

The manufacturing process of porcelain tiles inherently creates a curve in the tile (a bow) when they get through the firing process. There is a standard for acceptable lippage but this is not preventable. Usually, it is not more than 0.25inch and anything above is not accepted. It is especially visible in the rectangular in shape slabs.

If you want to check how much the tiles are curved/bowed, simply take two and gently press them together in two corners. You most likely will see a slight gap in the opposite two corners of the tile. The other way to check it is to put slabs on a perfectly even surface and you will see the minor bow.

What is the benefit of using the cap style levelling system?

By installing the tiles without levelling system you will not be able to press them evenly by hand until the adhesive dries. The levelling system is used by professional landscapers and builders and is the most effective way to prevent bumps and create lippage free surfaces. It is useful in many larger formats of tile (more than 15 inches) installations including floors, bathrooms and walls.

The levelling system is to be used on prepped, even floor surfaces. It will not solve the problem of the wavy, problematic floor but it will tool the difference in height between the slabs by small amounts. It evenly pulls bowled parts of the tile down to reduce the lippage.

Why do we recommend Raimondi RLS Vite Levelling System?

Raimondi RLS Vite Levelling System is a levelling system that does not require any other tools. It is considered the best tile levelling system thanks to its’ versatility.

RLS Vite includes spacers, the Xpress Tool, clips and caps that are tightened by hand, giving you full control during slab fitting.

The RLS Quick Tile Levelling System is designed for porcelain paving and natural stone paving installation.

What does RLS Vite Levelling System include?

  • RLS 5mm Plus Type Long Tile spacers 

Tile spacers are essential to achieve a consistent pattern when installing floor and wall tiles. They help by providing a symmetrical finish by ensuring an equal distance between each tile or slab before the application of grout. Tile spacers can not be reused.

We offer them in packs of 200 and 1000.

  • RLS Vite Xpress Tool

RLS Vite Xpress Tool is a drill attachment intended to improve the control, quality and speed while installing the whole levelling system on floors, walls and in landscape gardens. Essentially, this tool speeds up projects and gives a consistent finish. It is built to last for a long time and to be reused in future applications. 

Benefits of the RLS VITE XPRESS tool:

RLS Vite Xpress tool is a drill attachment tool that simplifies and speeds up the use of the whole Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling System. Its’ 8mm hexagonal shaft makes it fittable for use with cordless screw drills with a chuck fitting. The Raimondi Vite Xpress tool can be used on both floors and walls. It performs 4 functions:

    1. Screw. That grants faster tightening of the RLS Caps. A consistent tightening torque setting on the clutch can be used to get a consistent level across the entire surface.
    2. Unscrew. That allows for a fast and comfortable unscrewing of the cap by reverse rotation of the drill driver.
    3. Remove. This grants for a contemporary removal of the RLS Vite Clip once it’s set by setting the tightening torque on the drill driver to its maximum setting, tightening the cap until the clip breaks.
    4. Pull part. This allows the faster separation of the broken off clips and caps when the levelling job is finished (once the adhesive is set) by using the drill on a reverse rotation to remove the cap from the used clip. 


  • RLS Vite 1mm Screw Clips

RLS 1mm screw clips are two-part consisting of a clip and a wedge to ensure that the tiles are levelled without lipping and exposed edges. RLS Vite Clips align tiles from 14 to 26mm (0.5 to 1inch) ensuring even grout joints. The screw clip is to be inserted underneath the tile edge into the adhesive bed before the slab is laid. They are intended for use with the Raimondi VITE Caps – the 5mm cross spacer are the most popular. Levelling Clips are not reusable.

  • Raimondi VITE Tile Levelling System Caps

Raimondi RLS VITE Tile Levelling System Caps are the second part consisting of a clip and wedge to be used with screw clips. They help to pull down and keep in place the slab evenly on the top manually, giving the best possible control. They are ergonomically shaped with finger grips to be easily tightened by hand and spins freely so that caps can be placed and spun down to the tile surface quickly. It also features a hollow design so that the user can see the grout joint at intersections. RLS Vite Caps are re-usable and we offer them in packs of 100 and packs of 300.

Why Raimondi Tile Levelling System?

Use our Raimondi Tile Levelling System to obtain perfectly levelled toolless tiles application. Comprising a threaded cap and clip that is tightened by hand, this tile levelling system is quick and easy to use. Simply insert the threaded spacer clip underneath the tile edge, into the adhesive bed, before laying the adjacent tile.

The levelling cap is then threaded onto the clip and tightened until the tiles are perfectly levelled. Repeat this process until you have completed your tiling project and you are sure to achieve a seamless result.

How to use Raimondi Tile Levelling System?

  1. Insert the cap in the clip threat and with just two fingers twist it down by acting on the grip point: it reaches the tile in a second (“spinning top” effect).
  2. Then tight the cap to level the tiles (remove slippages).
  3. Once the adhesive is set, remove the cap by beating it with a white rubber mallet (or with the foot). Beat parallel to the joint line. As an alternative, unscrew the cap, remove it and beat directly on the clip (parallel to the joint line).

We suggest the tile levelling clip is removed after 24 hours or after the tile thin-set has cured properly. Keep in mind that some thick bed adhesives may take longer, whilst quick drying thin sets are ready after only 2-3 hours.

Benefits of using the RLS VITE System:

The cap is designed to provide maximum ergonomics and finger grips both for starting cap rotation on the clip and for applying the necessary force for levelling tiles (lippage removal) with ease.

The cap hollow design allows the user to see the grout joint. This makes it suitable to be used both on tiles sides and intersections.

A wide range of clips for joints of 1 mm, 1.5 mm and 3 mm (1/32″, 1/16″, 1/8″) is offered by Raimondi.

1 mm (1/32″) clips from Raimondi are manufactured in two versions: for tiles thickness from 3 to 15 mm (1/8″-19/32″) and for tile thickness from 14 to 26 mm (9/16″- 1″). This is ideal also for natural stone installation.

The cap works on all clips. So, it can not only be reused during the installation of similar paving tiles but also when installing different porcelain tiles and natural stone paving.

Self-stopping scratch-preventing washer with rubber ring and VITE XPRESS available as accessories.

Who is Raimondi and what do they do?

Raimondi is an Italian brand, that is very well-known by most professional landscapers. Raimondi family have been in the Tile industry since the early 1900s. Currently, it is run by its family third-generation (Marco and Riccardo) and became a leader in the production of tile/stone machinery and tools worldwide.

All tools and machines from Raimondi are not only made in Italy but made in Modena – the worldwide heart of ceramics, as well as the city strongly devoted to mechanics.

Raimondi has always focused on the end-user: the tile setter. Therefore every single item, from the simplest tool to the most complicated machinery, is developed according to the needs of the professionals. Raimondi is always looking to improve the quality of the finished work, increase productivity and reduce operator fatigue. 

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