George Davies Turf

Highest quality all-round turf by George Davies.

1 roll = 1m2

£3.54 incl.VAT


George Davies Turf

Highest quality all-round turf by George Davies.

1 roll = 1m2

£3.54 incl.VAT


George Davies Turf

George Davies Trident is our most popular all-around turf. It can have a variety of uses and is suitable for golf tees, general lawns and amenity landscaping. The turf has a medium texture and is very easy to maintain – it will take root and begin to flourish very soon after it has been laid. As a tough and hard-wearing turf, Trident has become popular due to its versatility and resilience. What’s more, it’s perfectly able to grow in a cold, the wet and wintery climate so it will keep its vibrant colour all year round.

Trident turf contains a mixture of top-rated perennial ryegrasses in its seed composition. This help lends to it an excellent shoot density, a strong winter colour and superb immunity to disease. Many of the grass species which make up Trident turf are grown in the UK especially for local usage, so it will be able to thrive in our variable and unpredictable weather conditions.


 A step-by-step guide to the perfect lawn.

Shop 64 takes enormous pride in supplying you with the finest quality turf sourced from the best suppliers in the country. If you have just purchased turf from Shop 64, we strongly recommend that you read these step by step instructions and keep it for future reference.

Before you even order your turf you should have already prepared your ground.

REMOVE old turf with a spade. Turn over the soil to a depth of at least 15cm, clearing stones, weeds and other debris. This process is crucial to achieving your perfect lawn.

RAKING – Rake over the ground so it is smooth and level.

ROLL – Lightly roll or tread surface to reveal any soft patches. Rake again to ensure it is completely level.

TOPSOIL – If your soil is of poor quality you will need to cover the ground with at least 15cm of good quality topsoil and then rake and roll as above. Shop64 sells topsoil in 35L bags.


Only order your turf when your ground preparation is done.

MEASURE – Measure in metres length x width. One roll of turf =1m².

ORDER – Place your order on the website.


Laying your turf.

UNROLL – Start by unrolling one strip of turf around the edge of the lawn,

making sure the turf has good contact with the ground. Continue in one straight row. Use planks of wood to avoid standing on the turf.

STAGGER – For the next row, stagger the turf in a similar pattern to

brickwork until the lawn is laid. A rake may be used to press the turf down to contact the soil.

TRIM – Avoid stretching the turf and trim ends of turf with a sharp

knife or lawn edger.

CIRCULAR LAWNS – Start in the centre and work your way out.

If you have any questions or would like us to recommend local landscapers to help you with the job contact us on


Continue watering your turf at least twice a day in warm weather (preferably morning and

evening) until it is well established. During cooler periods, watering once a day should be


Ensure the edges especially are watered thoroughly.

Your turf will need to be watered throughout the Spring/Summer months. At other times

of the year, water new turf until it is clear that the roots have been established and bedded in.



MOW LEVELS – Mow the lawn as soon as it grows over about 25mm (one inch) long.

Place the blades on the highest setting and gradually reduce this down to the optimum height

15-25mm. Never mow more than 25% off the length of the grass at all times.

WALKING ON – If you have to walk on the new turf please take care and use planks if available,

but wait a few weeks before using it for more energetic activities. If your new turf dislodges,

carefully put it back in place. If it dislodges whilst you are mowing, press down firmly and wait until

it is bedded in.

CLIPPINGS – It is not necessary to collect clippings unless they cover the grass and prevent

sunlight from reaching the lawn. Grass clippings are rich in nutrients and good for the turf.



FERTILISER – When your lawn starts to grow in March, put on the first application of

nitrogen-based fertiliser. It is important to spread the fertiliser uniformly to maintain an even colour of grass. Using a spreader is the way to ensure even coverage, but doing it by hand is the best method for smaller areas. During mid/late September and Winter feed fertiliser should be used.

On-going maintenance.

Continue all the above processes throughout the year as described.

In addition, you may need to:

SCARIFY – Remove thatch and dead moss, usually in Autumn, to ensure air can penetrate.

SEED – Any patchy or discoloured areas can be treated with additional seed. GDT Ltd recommends Green Velvet All Rounder Lawn Seed. Seed can also be added with additional TOP DRESSING to maintain lawn levels. Make sure you AERATE the lawn prior to seeding with an aerator or fork to relieve compaction.

OBSERVE FOR PESTS AND DISEASE – Especially during growing seasons.

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If you require any further advice please contact us on 01604 376 991 to speak to one of our friendly team. Alternatively, you can email us at


Additional information

Weight 20 kg

Trident Turf – 5-20mm.
Each roll is 1.65m x 0.6m

Each turf equates to 1m2 (164cm x 61cm) & when ordering should be rounded accordingly.

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