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Porcelain Paving Slabs

Transform your outdoor space with our porcelain paving tiles.

Porcelain tiles are becoming an increasingly favoured alternative to stone paving. They can be adapted in both indoor and outdoor projects to create a seamless flow between your home and your garden, helping you to bring the outdoors in.

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What are porcelain paving slabs?

Porcelain paving slabs are the latest paving solution that combines Italian styling with vitrified technology. Unlike natural stone paving and traditional wooden decking, they stand the test of time and is much easier to maintain. 

Although porcelain itself is known for being fragile, porcelain pavers go through unique manufacturing processes. That makes them one of the top strongest paving materials available. Compared with natural stone materials, porcelain slabs are almost 30% stronger than granite.

It’s the most commonly used building material constantly growing in popularity thanks to many benefits, including durability and versatility. It provides everything you could want from an outdoor tile. It’s easy to maintain, has a very high break load and provides an aesthetically stunning landscape.

Porcelain pavers continue to grow in popularity and are being used in ever more creative ways.

They’re a lasting and functional paving option when designing outdoor areas like gardens, patios and outdoor lounge areas. Not only that, these slabs make an extremely functional choice and can be easily adapted to interior areas.

Being resistant to water absorption, they are oftentimes used in pool, washroom and bathroom projects. Unlike concrete, stone and wood, porcelain pavers are also impervious to oils and chemical spills, which also makes them suitable for kitchen and BBQ projects.

Both aesthetically pleasing and hardwearing. Porcelain paving has become a widely appreciated component used both for exterior and interior purposes.

What makes porcelain paving slabs so durable?

They’re made by structurally pressing a mixture of natural materials, including highly refined and purified clay, sand and other minerals. A dye is mixed into that mixture to create a consistent colour throughout the entire body.

Vitrification process:

In the next manufacturing step, pressed porcelain tile is subjected to a very high temperature (reaching 1400°C) to remove the moisture. It creates a glass-like surface throughout the whole frame of the tile, giving it highly water-resistant qualities. Thanks to these unique manufacturing processes, porcelain slabs don’t have any points where the material physically separates (fracture points).

Pavers are then carved with natural prints and come with a wide range of colours, textures and patterns. All of that to ensure your projects are looking as close to natural stone as humanly possible.

What are the benefits of porcelain paving slabs?

Resistance and durability of porcelain tiles:

Our products combine unbeatable durability and ease of maintenance with the beautiful style as well as the assurance of sustainable manufacture.

Because of performance and lifetime cost advantages over other types of pavers, professionals often recommend porcelain paving options to homeowners. Our products combine unbeatable durability and ease of maintenance with the beautiful style as well as the assurance of sustainable manufacture.

  • Low-maintenance
  • UV-Resistant
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Water-resistant
  • Stain and spill-resistant 
  • Resistant to chemicals and acids such as fertilizers
  • Moss and algae resistant
  • Resistant to thermal shock
  • Frost resistant
  • Anti-slip surfaces (R11 rated – safe for use in almost any interior space)

Health benefits of porcelain paving:

Porcelain paving tiles have the added benefit of helping to create a hygienic and healthy environment for your family. It’s providing an inhospitable surface for bacterial growth and is the easiest paving to keep clean and maintain.

They are PVC (vinyl) free and free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Meaning they don’t emit gases that are either harmful by themselves or react with other substances and form air pollutants. 

  • VOCs Free (Volatile organic compounds)
  • Zero PVC
  • Zero formaldehyde
  • Zero allergens
  • Prevents bacterial growth

Are porcelain garden tiles a good investment?

By investing in porcelain patio slabs, you increase the market value and the quality of your home.

Cheaper options like wooden decking or block paving are much less durable and more time consuming when it comes to maintenance. Hence porcelain garden tiles are more cost-effective, taking into consideration the longevity of the material and the total costs of restoration and care in the future.

Our prices of porcelain paving slabs vary depending on the type, country and manufacturing process. You can find options for as little as £25 (ex. VAT) per square meter. More expensive products can reach ranges of £50+ (ex. VAT) per square meter.

Range of Porcelain Slabs at shop64:

We sell a wide range of porcelain paving tiles that are specifically designed for outdoor or/and indoor use. Our products are carefully chosen by the experts with quality and design in mind. Our mission is to make sure they look and perform beautifully in all sorts of different settings.

Outdoor porcelain is slip-resistant and comes in a wide variety of colours and styles to suit any setting.

Porcelain Paving finishes available at shop64:

Shop64 offers a range of luxurious porcelain paving tiles, with a choice of both modern and traditional floor finishes for the home and garden.

Choose from classic styles to rustic wood-effect porcelain tiles and contemporary Italian designs to help you create a stunning patio area for you and your family.

In most cases sourced directly from manufacturers, therefore our porcelain paving products are of the highest quality and come in a range of colours and textures.

We currently provide the following porcelain slabs:

  1. Italian Porcelain
  2. Indian Porcelain
  3. Portuguese Porcelain
  4. German Porcelain

Porcelain Paving Essentials:

What products do you need while installing porcelain tiles?

While porcelain paving slabs are lightweight and durable, they do require proper handling and installation to maintain their integrity. Every product will only look its best if it’s installed correctly by professionals and with the best finishing products, we are pleased to offer:


Porcelain tiles are vitrified, meaning that they are baked at very high temperatures. This process creates a glass-like substrate spread evenly throughout the tile. Hence they are much more durable and water-resistant, compared to any other alternative available. The non-porous nature of outdoor porcelain slabs also ensures that they won’t crack when subjected to freezing temperatures.

Thanks to their water-resistant nature, porcelain tiles are impossible to permanently stain. Unlike natural stone paving options, these pavers don’t allow even the most notorious substances to get through the surface.

Porcelain paving patios are easy to maintain and do not require constant maintenance. Regular sweeping and cleaning with warm water are usually enough to keep them in great condition.

Porcelain paving tiles do not absorb water which also makes them less slippery than any other paving product. All of our porcelain paving products have Anti-slip surfaces that are R11 rated. Meaning that the surface is safe for use in most interior spaces, including washrooms and pool areas.

At shop64 we recommend using warm water and a mop for day-to-day cleaning. Every couple of weeks treat porcelain tiles with a mild detergent (very low concentration) mixed with warm water. Always ensure to completely wash away the detergents. Avoid using chemicals like ammonia, acids or bleach, as they can erode the surface and grout if used regularly.

Although you do not need to apply a sealant on porcelain pavers, as they are already stain and mildew-resistant, we still recommend doing so to create an extra barrier that will increase reaction time in case of spilling. It will decrease the chances of creating stubborn stains.

A pressure wash or a hosepipe can be used to clean the porcelain patio and get rid of more stubborn stains. Tiles are strong enough to withstand a stronger pressure washer so you do not have to worry about damaging them.

While porcelain slabs are extremely enduring, they still require proper handling and installation. Two people and proper equipment are required to handle with care. While transporting porcelain slabs, avoid abrupt oscillations. While Lifting and moving individual slabs, use suitable vacuum lifting frames, like GRABO.

Porcelain tiles at shop64 are typically 20mm thick. All the needed information, including measurements of the tiles, are listed in the product description.

Porcelain paving is UV-resistant, meaning that it will last in colour and won’t fade no matter what the weather throws at them. That makes it a perfect choice for either sun-exposed or rainy areas, as it won’t fade nor change its’ colour.