Building Materials

  • recycled topsoil
    £30.00£51.00 incl.VAT

    14mm Screened Recycled Topsoil (Bulk Bag or Loose Option)

  • swatch of ballast
    £38.40£45.00 incl.VAT

    Ballast 20mm (Bulk Bag or Loose Option)

  • Yellow and Blue Mastercrete Cement 25kg bag with blue circle logo
    £4.74 incl.VAT

    Blue Circle Mastercrete Cement 25kg

  • blue-circle-postcrete-cement-20kg
    £5.40 incl.VAT

    Blue Circle Ready To Use Postcrete 20kg

  • building sand swatch
    £38.40£45.00 incl.VAT

    Building Sand (Bulk Bag or Loose Option)

  • cotswold stone chippings in grey shades
    £66.00£96.00 incl.VAT

    Cotswold Stone Chippings 20-10mm (Bulk Bag or Loose Option)

  • bottle of black sealant
    £11.10 incl.VAT

    CT1 Sealant & Adhesive 290ml Black

  • bottle of sealant
    £11.10 incl.VAT

    CT1 Sealant & Adhesive 290ml Clear

  • bottle of grey sealant
    £11.10 incl.VAT

    CT1 Sealant & Adhesive 290ml Grey

  • bottle of sealant
    £11.10 incl.VAT

    CT1 Sealant & Adhesive 290ml White

  • non-woven white membrane
    £49.20£216.00 incl.VAT

    EkoTex 06® White Non-Woven Geotextile Membrane (Size Options)

  • pack of everbuild surveyline in blue
    £4.80 incl.VAT

    Everbuild – Survey and Semi Permanent Line Marking Paint Blue

  • bottle of red paint marker for landscapers
    £4.80 incl.VAT

    Everbuild – Survey and Semi Permanent Line Marking Paint Red

  • bottle of white marking spray for landscapers
    £4.80 incl.VAT

    Everbuild – Survey and Semi Permanent Line Marking Paint White

  • yellow 5l bottle of everbuild 201 mortar admix with black cap
    £3.12 incl.VAT

    Everbuild 201 Mortar AdMix 5L

  • yellow square 5l bottle of 203 203 Accelerator and Frost-Proofer
    £6.24 incl.VAT

    Everbuild 203 Accelerator & Frost-Proofer 5L

  • can of black everbuild paint
    £19.99 incl.VAT

    Everbuild Black Jack 901 Bitumen Paint 5 Litre

  • yellow 5l bottle of Everbuild Febond SBR with navy cap and detailing
    £21.00 incl.VAT

    Everbuild Febond SBR 5L

Building Materials and Aggregates

Browse our Building Materials range specially selected for landscaping and paving projects.

Our Building Materials include:


Building Sand

Building Sand (also known as River Sand, Screeding Sand, Plasterer’s Sand, Mason’s Sand or Bricklayer’s Sand) is finely-graded building sand and it is suitable for all general building uses including internal rendering and can also be made up to make bricklaying mortar.

Frequently used in construction to mix mortars and cement or as a levelling aggregate. Can be used as support when laying flagstones, concrete slabs and block paving.

Building sand is extracted from quarries or by marine edging.

Our Building Sand in Bulk Bags comes in a minimum of 850kg weight.

Features & benefits:

  • Consistent quality and colour.
  • Multi-purpose.
  • Can be utilised in a variety of applications including bricklaying mortar.
  • Suited for landscaping and building applications.

MOT Type 1

MOT Type 1 is a crushed material, usually made from granite or limestone. Once compacted, it’s an extremely strong and hardwearing material. The size of MOT Type 1 crushed material is typically between 0-40mm. 

Minimum packed weight 850kg

It is an extremely strong material once it has been compacted. Therefore it’s ideal for sub-base for driveways and paths, with excellent load-bearing properties. 

MOT Type 1 is permeable, so it assists with drainage. Due to its larger stones, it won’t easily wash away.

How deep should MOT Type 1 be?

For most patio projects it is usual to lay MOT Type 1 at a compacted depth of 100mm. For domestic driveway projects, where higher load bearing is required, a compacted depth of 150mm is recommended.

Sharp Sand

Sharp Sand (or concrete/coarse) sand is the ideal sand for laying block paving upon. It also makes an excellent ‘stiff’ mortar mix for laying all types of patio paving on.

Being a general-purpose sand it is also used for lawn top dressing and internal floor screeds. It is normally used where more strength and less flexibility is required.

As the name implies the sharp (or coarse) sand contains less of the smaller particles than the soft sand. Therefore sharp sand should only be used for concreting jobs, while soft sand should only be used for render or mortar.

The Sharp Sand we offer is delivered in large bulk bags. 

One bulk bag will cover approximately 8m2 (coverage is calculated assuming a depth of 5cm).

Minimum packed weight 850kg

Features & benefits:

  • Suitable for screeding and external rendering sand.
  • Consistent colour and quality.
  • Suitable for laying slab and block paving.

Ballast 20mm

Ballast is widely used in construction and domestic applications. This 20mm ballast is ideal for making general purpose concrete for use in paths, over sites, shed bases, wall footings, securing fence posts, path edgings and kerbs and general hard landscaping uses.

20mm Ballast, also known as All-in Ballast is a mixture of sharp sand and 20mm crushed aggregate in equal measures. 

Ballast is used to make concrete for a variety of landscaping uses. Used as a strong base in many projects, such as paving, bedding and making up levels.

A full bulk bag will cover approximately 10-12m² at a depth of 5cm.

Minimum packed weight 850kg.

Washed Gravel 20-10mm in Bulk Bag.


Plum Slate 40mm in Bulk Bag.

Cotswold Chippings in Bulk Bag.

Recycled Crushed Concrete in Bulk Bag.

Other Paving, Landscaping & Building Materials:

  • Cement.
  • Adhesives.
  • Sealants.
  • Line Marking Paint.
  • Cloth wipes.
  • Accelerators and Frostproofers.