GRABO Pro Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter Kit with Bag

The new GRABO Pro heavy-duty electric vacuum lifter with a new digital gauge display and more ergonomic design.

Upgraded with an automatic start and stop function, GRABO Pro makes heavy-lifting even safer!

£269.50 incl.VAT


GRABO Pro Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter Kit with Bag

The new GRABO Pro heavy-duty electric vacuum lifter with a new digital gauge display and more ergonomic design.

Upgraded with an automatic start and stop function, GRABO Pro makes heavy-lifting even safer!

£269.50 incl.VAT


GRABO Pro Automatic Portable Electric Vacuum Lifter

Nemo GRABO Pro (GRAB300)

The new Nemo GRABO Pro is a premium, improved version of the original Grabo Plus. It’s a fully portable, lightweight answer to classic handheld rubber suction cups. This heavy-duty electric vacuum suction pad is upgraded with an automatic start and stop function and a digital display. Moreover, a newer, thinner design of the handle makes heavy-lifting even safer and easier.

This tool is equipped with the foam rubber vacuum seal working alongside an electric vacuum pump to perform a great level of suction. Compared to universal handheld lifting tools, this industrial-strength cordless lifter works even on surfaces that are slightly porous and not completely air-tight.


GRABO Pro is destined to lift, move and place an array of different types of materials.

It can secure a grip on rough and damp surfaces making it an essential tool that is trusted by leading professionals around the world. Also, its’ pressure pump enhanced with a heavy-duty seal is resistant to loss of a grip, compared to rubber lifters. The suction created is able to hold loads as heavy as 170kg (375 lbs). From drywall and concrete slabs to wood and textured ceramic tiles.

It is exceptional for fixing large-format tiles with precision and without much hassle. This heavy-duty electric vacuum suction pad gives remarkable mobility while handling coarse materials. Also, it fastens and improves the handling of tiles that have been back-buttered or primed.

Unlike spacious and massive lifting machinery solutions, GRABO Pro heavy-duty suction pad is portable and handy. This lifting gear is ergonomically designed to provide better grip and less fatigue when moving heavy objects. It’s lightweight and can be effortlessly carried around in a waterproof bag that’s included. With GRABO Pro you double your work efficiency with enhanced safety and professionalism.


Improved GRABO Pro Electric Heavy-duty Vacuum Suction Pad

A new digital display of the GRABO Pro lifter allows you to constantly monitor the pressure or weight capacity. You can switch between the modes from Psi, bar, kilogram and pounds. With the pressure mode (Psi and bar) you can see exactly how much vacuum is created in the vacuum chamber. However, the weight mode (kg and lbs) informs about the safe lifting capacity at every given moment.

The GRABO Pro is also upgraded to an automated switch on and off option while in use. The smart digital pressure sensor makes this improved version even more effective on various building materials. It relies on the sensor that monitors the vacuum, detects the pressure and calculates maximum load at every given moment. When vacuum suction pressure is lost the pump is automatically powered up to regulate and restore the pressure. The sensor automatically provides the optimum level of suction, keeping the object in full control while lifting and overhead lifting. GRABO Pro will also automatically stop itself once it reaches the maximum preset pressure.

The GRABO Pro also features four lifting lugs for attaching straps, to facilitate the handling of bulkier materials. These lugs become handy in case the tool is to be used with additional grips or straps for support. Anchoring points are placed in the exact design as the original lifter. Hence any attachments purchased for the Plus version will be suitable for both models.

Both Nemo GRABO Pro and GRABO Plus are compatible with the universal battery, replaceable suction pads and charger.


How to use:

Cordless GRABO Pro heavy-duty electric suction pad is easy to use and features two buttons: a green one for simple turn on/off operation and a red button for release of the suction pad. This newer version of the Nemo lifter is upgraded with a slimmer handle. Hence provides incredible precision while handling and installing slabs without too much of a hassle.

We suggest keeping an eye on the battery charge before and during the usage for safety reasons. We also recommend using only the battery and charger provided with the kit.

The foam seal of the lifting pads is exposed to substantial friction and should last around 3,000 sessions of 10 seconds. Occasionally, you should replace the rubber foam seals to ensure safety. Nemo’s replacement rubber seal is suitable for both the Plus and Pro versions of the electric lifter.

The GRABO Pro Electric Vacuum Lifter operates on a 14.8 volt 2600 mAh Li-ion removable battery. The Nemo GRABO battery is suitable for both versions of the electric lifter. The battery takes two hours for a full charge. On a full charge, it can last for 900 cycles or 1.5 hours of non-stop running, and 30 days on standby mode.

To lift any flat slab of solid material, simply do the following:

  1. Check the battery charge before every usage.
  2. Place the GRABO Pro on the item that you want to move.
  3. Press the green button to activate the vacuum. Once the vacuum is activated it creates a strong suction allowing it to easily stick to any non-porous surface.
  4. Smoothly lift the item and move it to where you want to place it. The vacuum pump can also be turned off while moving a load that does not have too much mass. However, for maximum lift and safety, it can stay activated even while you are moving your item. The pressure sensors will automatically monitor the pressure and switch the device on if needed to adjust.
  5. With the digital display gauge set on weight mode (kilograms or pounds), you will be able to see the exact lifting capacity of the device. Make sure that the object moved does not exceed the weight shown on the display.
  6. Press the red button to release the item in the desired place.


This product is not designed or intended for climbing or to support a person’s weight. Using this product for climbing or any other unintended purpose may result in injury or death.

To find out more about the product, visit the manufacturer’s website:


What is the maximum weight that GRABO Pro can lift?

Simultaneously to GRABO Plus, the maximum weight that Nemo GRABO Pro can lift is up to 170kg (375 lbs). The tool works at a maximum vacuum capacity of 11.6 psi. However, the maximum load of the electric lifter will differ, depending on the porosity of the carrying material and the way you carry it. GRABO can be used both in perpendicular and parallel hold, giving you secure and marvellous movability while working.

It’s suitable for use on various surfaces, including:

  • Checker plates, metal and drain covers,
  • Ceramic tiles, porcelain and natural stone paving slabs,
  • Concrete pavers and tiles,
  • Plasterboard, drywall plywood and gypsum boards,
  • Worktops, furniture and large appliances,
  • Doors and windows,
  • Wood and glass.


Due to the high pressure that is created with GRABO portable lifters, we recommend that you do not use this tool on glass thinner than 6mm. Glass panels thinner than 6mm can be damaged by the suction power of the device.

For exact information about this product’s capability and its’ dependence on the type of carrying material, please visit



  • Battery: 14.8VDC 2600mAh Li-ion
  • Rated Power: 16W
  • Charger Input Voltage: 100-240VAC 50/60Hz
  • Battery Charging Time: 2hrs
  • Non-Stop Running Time (Full Charge): 1.5hrs
  • Running Cycles (On Full Charge): 900 ON-OFF cycles of 10 seconds
  • Stand-by Mode (Charge Hold): 30 days
  • Pump Service Life: 100000+ ON-OFF cycles / 800+ hrs continuous
  • Rated Air Flow: 0.7cfm (20 L/min)
  • Maximum Vacuum Rate: 11.6Psi (0.8 Bar, 80 kPa)
  • Maximum Lifting Capacity: 375Lbs (170 kg)
  • L x W x H: 12.1 x 7.37 x 4.91” ( 297 x 181 x 121 mm )
  • Net Weight (With Battery): 3.3Lbs (1.6 kg)
  • Working Temperature: 32°F~140°F ( 0°~60 °C )
  • Applicable Surface Type: Peak/valley heights less than 0.1” (3mm), arc less than 5°

GRABO Pro Heavy-duty Electric Vacuum Lifter Kit comes with:

  • 1 GRABO Pro (2021 Version – Complete with battery and seal)
  • 1 smart digital pressure gauge
  • 1 multi-socket charger
  • 1 battery, preinstalled (1 in total)
  • 1 tough waterproof Oxford fabric carry bag
  • Operator’s manual in English

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