Grabo® Portable Heavy-Duty Suction Pads


Compact, battery-powered GRABO Handheld Heavy-duty vacuum suction pads are a modernized substitute for suction cup handles. GRABO suction cup technology offers an impressive adhesion to even the most unmanageable surfaces.

Heavy Lifting Made Easy with Nemo GRABO Professional Vaccum Lift Systems

Compact, battery-powered GRABO Handheld Vacuum Lifters are a modernized substitute for suction cup handles.

Unlike any other, GRABO heavy lifting systems are suitable for moving and lifting almost everything. With a powerful 170kg (375lbs) lifting capability, they are an exquisite tool for landscapers and craftsmen. They allow an exceptional movability of tiles, panels and even furniture or larger appliances. These suction pads provide an incredible grip on the most awkward surfaces like porous concrete, rough and ribbed slabs and glass. It’s designed to work on dry to damp, rough and porous materials.

Heavy-duty electric suction lifters will help you carry and move it all.

Unlike the traditional hand-held suction cups, these products do not require a clean and flat surface like glass panels for foolproof adhesion and hold. The innovative technology provides wonderful lifting power and suction on otherwise irregular surfaces.

Here are some samples of the most common materials you can lift and move:

  • Textured Plates
  • Wood
  • Ribbed Glass
  • Natural Stone Pavers
  • Metal and Manholes
  • Marble
  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • Concrete Tiles
  • Cobble Stones
  • Checker Plates
  • Cement Tiles

Heavy-duty Suction Pads for Flooring and Landscaping:

Heavy-duty Suction Pads for Glass Industry:

Benefits of choosing GRABO Portable Heavy-duty vacuum suction pads:

GRABO products are effective in reducing injuries while heavy lifting and lifting overhead on the construction sites. Also, they improve the efficiency of the team, allowing for effortless movement and precise placement of the panels. Additionally, these vacuum pads can cut the costs of the projects by preventing the costly materials from being damaged while lifting.

GRABO tools maintain a superb grip on surfaces of high-level o roughness with a general amplitude of around 2.5mm (0.1 inches) allowance. Thus, can be used with the vast majority of textured building materials such as patterned tiles and concrete blocks.

Each case can vary and will depend on the specific geometry of roughness on the given surface. However, GRABO’s commitment to adhesion means that you can efficiently pick more than the regular portable handheld lifting tools on the market.

The GRABO products are not designed or intended for climbing or to support a person’s weight. Using these products for climbing or any other unintended purpose may result in a serious injury or death.

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GRABO Heavy-Duty Vacuum Lifters FAQs :

The GRABO Heavy-duty Suction Pads are not waterproof but work on damp though not soaking wet surfaces. However, the bag is made with rugged and water-resistant Oxford fabric. The waterproof level of the bag is IP4, meaning it is waterproof against direct splashes and mild rain.
The GRABO can lift most porous and non-porous material, hence it’s an ideal tool that can be used by landscapers and builders for lifting a variety of slabs and overhead lifting the panels.

Follow these few simple steps to lift and place building materials with ease and more comfort.

1. Ensure your GRABO battery is fully charged before using.
2. Secure your GRABO onto your slab by turning on the green button. When you hear a change of note in the motor, that’s when you’ll know it’s ready. When using GRABO Plus on more porous surfaces, make sure the desired pressure doesn’t drop. In case it does, adjust the pressure manually with the buttons. GRABO Pro will automatically turn off when the suction has reached the correct level and automatically turn back on if the pressure is dropping.
3. Lift the slab with the GRABO securely attached to the material, and place it down in the desired place while being cautious. Release the GRABO by pressing the red button on the handle.
4. If you’ve put the slab in the wrong place, repeat steps 1-3 to readjust your placement.
GRABO is suitable for lifting concrete, concrete tiles, cobblestone, textured tiles, natural stone pavers, checker plates and many more! GRABO Slab Vaccum Lifters tools can also be incredibly helpful and streamline the work while moving furniture and appliances.
With an impressive 170kg (375lbs) lifting power, it’s an ideal tool for landscapers and craftsmen, allowing an exceptional movability of tiles, lifting and overhead lifting building materials like slabs and larger tiles or even furniture and larger appliances.
Each surface can vary and the capability of GRABO Slab Vaccum Lifters will depend on the specific geometry of roughness on the given surface. However, GRABO Vaccum Lifter’s commitment to adhesion means that you can efficiently pick more than the regular portable handheld lifting tools on the market.
Periodically, you should replace the rubber foam seals on GRABO power lifting tools. The seal of the lifting pads is exposed to substantial friction and should last around 3,000 uses to ensure the safety of handlers.

You must make sure to check the rubber seals of lifting vacuum pads regularly if using your tools intensively.

1. Disconnect the powerlifting tool from the main supply.
2. Carefully remove the rubber seal, if damaged or worn, by gently pulling it away from the base of the vacuum cup. To accomplish this, you will likely need a flat screwdriver or similar implement.
3. Do NOT pull on the black foam itself. Doing so may cause tearing.
4. Once removed, dispose of the old foam seal and carefully press the new one into place. It should be a snug fit.
Keeping a close eye on a battery charge is extremely important. Always make sure to only use the battery provided for your specific GRABO electric lifter. Using alternative chargers may damage your equipment.

1. Connect your battery charger to a socket or outlet.
2. Connect the charger to your battery and switch it on at the socket.
3. A red light on the chargers’ LED indicates that the battery is charging. Once the battery is completely charged, it will turn green.
Yes, GRABO is suitable for lifting porcelain pavers as well as textured slabs and natural stone paving. GRABO tools are trusted by leading landscaping professionals throughout the UK and the whole world.
To lift larger pavers or concrete slabs, you will most likely need a twin pack of GRABO.
GRABO Pro has a digital display as opposed to a mechanical built-in pressure gauge with a protective rubber coating in GRABO Plus. The digital display reads out in bar and Psi and also gives you the safe lifting capacity in kilograms and pounds.

GRABO Pro was designed with a slimmer handle which is more ergonomic while sustaining the same power and lifting strength as GRABO Plus.

The newer version (GRABO Pro) with the Smart Digital Pressure Sensor automatically stops when it reaches a complete seal. On the other hand, GRABO Plus requires the manual stopping of the tool at the desired pressure. Subsequently, as Pro loses suction with more porous materials, it automatically restarts itself to adjust the pressure for safe handling, while GRABO Plus requires constant supervision and manual adjusting in the same circumstances.

Original Plus releases the object with a spring-loaded release button that pushes off of the material. GRABO Pro has a much easier to use rubber release button that discharges the material with pressure.